Rules and regulations of VAK”AN”ZA 2015

The project VAK’’AN’’ZA is the only place where all those who are former players, that is amateurs, but even those who have never played this sport, have the opportunity to perform together!!!

Due to the enormous difference in the quality of those who have played water polo and those who haven’t, the rules are specific:

  • The players who are active at any rank of young selections and have been active in the last 4 years are not allowed to participate.
  • Professional and semi-professional players who play in the national team, players in clubs playing 1st or 2nd league (which is a professional), or players who have been active for the last 5 years are not allowed to participate.

Any attempt of improper registration, violation of rules and regulations is punishable by disqualification of the entire team.


Rules and regulations of VAK”AN”ZA 2016:

  1. The team can be consisted of 12 players
  2. 4 players + goalkeeper start the game
  3. Players who play for one team at the beginning, cannot play for another team in further contest