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The project VAK”AN”ZA came to light in 2008 in Zadar.  Although the majority of citizens of Zadar already know what is hiding under the name VAK”AN”ZA, it would be useful to repeat some basic information in order to inform you properly. VAK”AN”ZA is an acronym behind which hides the full name of the project – Water Polo Amateur Cup for anti-water polo players and non-swimmers of the Zadar archipelago. From the very beginning, the project aims to offer something new and different, it offers something that everyone can engage in. Namely, the team water sport that appeared in the 19th century, takes on a different form and makes it more interesting, special and certainly more accessible. Year after year VAK”AN”ZA has been ‘growing up’ and we, citizens of Zadar, have been growing up with it. We are the witnesses of the fact that VAK”AN”ZA has become inevitable summer event in our city and has made Zadar waterfront and Mul (Dock) a meeting point, a place where everyone could, at least just for a moment, become sportsman and taste the victory, the place where lots of  friendships and even love have come out. Every year the aim is to make VAK”AN”ZA better and more interesting, to improve it. Thus the musical part has become an inevitable part of the project, attracting even more people and affirming that VAK”AN”ZA is a project available to everyone.


You want to participte on VAK”AN”ZA-, you want to show your sport skills and have a good time? No problem, the procedure is very simple. Right here, on this page, you will find the instructions to registrate, read it, click Login and the procedure will be done very quickly. Registration date is from 6th of June to 15th of July and you can register anytime you want, but maybe you shouldn’t wait for the last  moment. Visit our official page, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is your unique chance, join us in the craziest sports-music event of the summer in Zadar. Find out what is waiting for you in a completely new, exciting and never more intense VAK”AN”ZA. Surprises are ready, we are waiting for your registration.


People older than 16 years can register by filling in the registration form. The teams may be composed of 12 members at the most. Please fill in the registration form and send us a photo of the team and of the receipt of payment of the registration fee via e-mail:

Payment info:

IBAN: HR6225000091101376617

Vaterpolist Vakanza Zadar crno bijela

Rules and regulations of VAK”AN”ZA 2015

The project VAK’’AN’’ZA is the only place where all those who are former players, that is amateurs, but even those who have never played this sport, have the opportunity to perform together!!!

Due to the enormous difference in the quality of those who have played water polo and those who haven’t, the rules are specific:

  • The players who are active at any rank of young selections and have been active in the last 4 years are not allowed to participate.
  • Professional and semi-professional players who play in the national team, players in clubs playing 1st or 2nd league (which is a professional), or players who have been active for the last 5 years are not allowed to participate.

Any attempt of improper registration, violation of rules and regulations is punishable by disqualification of the entire team.


Rules and regulations of VAK”AN”ZA 2015

  1. The team can be consisted of 12 players
  2. 4 players + goalkeeper start the game
  3. Players who play for one team in the first tournament, cannot play for another team in further contest
  4. Waterpolo Amateur Cup consists of 3 separate tournaments (Cups) which are joined in the League
  5. The first two tournaments (Cups) are played for establishing the rank and the third tournament is the final

(Fantastic six)

  1. The main tournament consists of 4 groups of 3 teams
  2. Holders (coefficient based on past performance) enter the group directly
  3. Coefficient of results and performances in the last 3 years is taken into consideration (if some teams are tied, the last season considers)
  4. The draw of the teams and group standings are notified after the completion of groups
  5. For the rest groups standings in the main tournament are played qualifications
  6. Qualifications winners enter the main tournament
  7. Everyone play against each other in the groups
  8. The group winners enter the semi-final
  9. Runners-up play for taking 5th to 8th place
  10. All teams registered for the tournament receive 1 point
  11. The teams per group receive 1 additional point
  12. The teams placed from 1st-4th places gain points based on the standings which are transferred to another tournament
  13. The teams that have taken 2nd place in the group get an additional point
  14. The total number of points after both tournaments determines the 4 best teams



  • The holders (teams based on the results and performance in the past 3 years) enter the groups
  • Qualifications per group/groups are played for other standings (places)
  • Winner/s enter the main tournament


Competition in groups:

  • The first-placed from each group goes to the semi-final group
  • Runners-up in each group play one game (for example A2-B2, C2-D2)
  • Winners get an extra point
  • The third-placed from each group end the competition in the first tournament

Scoring in the Cup (in the tournament):

  • All registered teams get one point
  • All teams that compete in groups get a point
  • The passage to the semi-finals, 3 points
  • Runners-up in the group, 1 point
  • Passing in the finals, 2 points
  • The winner of the finals, 2 points
  • The winner for the 3rd place, 1 point
  • The winners of runners-up play, 1 point


 The number of points won in one Cup (tournament):

1st place – 9 points

2nd place – 7 points

3rd place – 6 points

4th place – 5 points

5th to 6th place – 4 points

7th to 8th place – 3 points

9th to 12th place – 2 points

The team turned out in qualifications – 1 point


  • Scoring applies to both cups (tournaments).
  • After two played Cups, points are accummulated
  • The total number of points is taken into consideration, not only the result from one tournament
  • The finals are played by the principle 2 groups of 3 teams
  • The winners of the semi-finals groups play the final
  • Runners-up of semi-finals groups play for the third place
  • If a team wins both tournaments, enters the final directly, and the seventh team in the overall standing enters the groups finals
  • If two teams have the same number of points in the standings for the seventh place, they play against each other after both tournaments are played
  • If the team does not attend the match it carries -1 point and a loss 5:0